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Prayers times for Monday 25th March, 2019. Friday Khutba (Sermon) starts at 01:00 pm
Prayer Start Jamaa
Fajr 04:22 am 05:00 am
Sunrise 05:58 am -
Zuhr 12:19 pm 01:00 pm
Asr 03:33 pm 04:00 pm
Maghrib 06:35 pm +5 mins
Isha 07:28 pm 08:00 pm
Prayers times for Monday 25th March, 2019. Friday Sermon starts at 01:00 pm


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Al-Noor Islamic School Admission

We are changing our Bank Details

Asalam Aleikum,
As part of the changes to its new SCIO institutional structure, the Aberdeen Mosque and Islamic Centre is now migrating to a new bank account. The details are as follows:

Bank: Bank Of Scotland
Name: Aberdeen Mosque and Islamic Centre SCIO
Sort Code: 80-22-60
Account number: 17690460

Please update any standing orders you may have to these new details.

Jazakallah Kheir
The Aberdeen Mosque and Islamic Centre

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Notice Board

Information on Prayer Times

Assalam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu, you can find more information about prayer time source and some useful facts from the link below.

Pay Zakat and Give Sadaqa

Asalam Aleikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu, Alhamdulillah you can now pay Zakat or give Sadaqa here. Sadaqa is optional charity, where as Zakat is a compulsory 2.5% payment that a person must give from wealth that satisfies certain conditions.

Booking an Appointment with the Imam

You can book a telephone or in-person appointment with the Imam for any religious service or Islamic consultation either by:
  • Sending an email to amicimam@gmail.com
  • Sending a text message to 07400990100 from 2pm to 6pm (Note that this line only accept text messages and will not accept any incoming calls)
Please ensure to include:
  • Full name
  • Contact details
  • Summary of the inquiry in few words
  • Preferable time
  • Preferable appointment type (in-person / telephone)
Note: Please read about the services offered by Imam before contacting him. For more information please go to contact the imam section.

Support AMIC Projects and Management

“The most beloved of places to Allah is the mosque” [Sahîh Muslim]

Dear brothers and sisters, help finance the maintenance, management and projects of Aberdeen Mosque & Islamic Centre in this blessed month of Ramadan.

Click here to download a standing order form.
Click here to download a form to support AMIC Projects.


For funerals please come to the mosque (164 Spital, Aberdeen. AB24 3JD) during any of the congregational prayers and, speak to a member of the committee, any member of the congregation or the Imam, Alternatively, you could contact the Mosque Administrator directly at 07412324458.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure you read full guide report HERE before contacting the Mosque Administrator.
Please click HERE for guide on how to register a death.

AMIC Projects

You may support any of the following projects fully or partially.

IMAM Accomodation
Social Events

AMIC Room Booking Form

Please submit the attached form at least 2 weeks prior to your event in order to avoid disappointment.

Booking Form (PDF)

The AMIC Committee

Accomodation Notice

Salam Aleikum, you can announce or look for accommodation in the adverts section on the mosque website.